Designers Wallpaper Accentuates Any Space

No longer do you see wallpaper covering every wall in a home, well in most homes anyway. Wallpaper as the primary decoration in every room or in most rooms is a thing of the past; however, wallpaper has changed and of course has always stayed popular.

There are some great designers wallpaper that can really go well in a wall scheme with two colors, one on top and one on bottom. Or, you can wallpaper one half of the wall and have paint on the other half with crown molding in between. It is also perfectly fine to use wallpaper completely on a wall. It's just that if you're old enough, you remember the stereotypical wall in every old home having gawdy wallpaper. That of course would no longer be the case.

The story is to bridge the gap between wallpaper of the past and designers wallpaper of today. Really nice wallpaper makes a much better statement than just paint, so it's always a good choice to use wallpaper in some way throughout your home.

Imagine a rose themed room with a rose pink paint and rose wallpaper along the bottom portion of the wall. You can also use wallpaper as the crown molding so to speak near the top of a wall. Either way, wallpaper can also help you tie in other decorations in a room, making themes and designing a room much easier on you.

When looking for ideas for wallpaper, think about what you plan to do to the room. Are you going to pick out a new color scheme, or are you planning on buying new furniture? Maybe you just want to look at different patterns to get ideas from. Then you can think about what theme you want based on the wallpaper choice you make.